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Min deposit: $20
Max deposit: $10000
Plans: 2-3% daily for 15-30 days, 250-600 after 35-70 day
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Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $10000
Plans: $10 - $500 = 1% daily $501- $2500 = 1.5% daily
Forex Trading industry revolves around the global exchange of currencies, enabling individuals, institutions, and businesses to speculate on the fluctuations in currency values.
Min deposit: $30
Max deposit: $10000
Plans: 168% after 1 day, 780% after 7 days, 9000% after 68 days!
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Min deposit: $30
Max deposit: $10000
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High-Yield Investment Programs

Investing, from buying stocks and gold to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, is an excellent passive income source that's becoming increasingly popular. These investments allow you to receive annual returns of 10-90% of the invested funds. The difference between high-yield investment programs is that their returns and risks are much greater. Risks in investments are directly related to returns: the riskier the investment type, the greater returns you can get, and vice versa. Like other investment types, investing in top HYIP profitable projects is a risky venture. Above all, you should prepare for possible losses, study in detail the investment subject, and choose successful projects. The main thing is to follow changes in the market and analyze what happened in the past to predict future moves. If you want to earn a high rate of return, one option is to invest your money in a high yield investment program (HYIP), sometimes also called a "prime bank program." These investment vehicles are unregistered. While there are some incredible opportunities out there for those who know where to look, they are islands in a sea of low quality and fraudulent HYIPs.

What does HYIP mean?

HYIP is a high-yield investment program or platform that offers investors high interest rates on their deposits for a short period of time. Highly profitable implies a return on investment that is much higher than the income from bank deposit interest. In essence, most HYIPs are financial pyramid schemes where profits to investors are paid at the expense of new project participants' contributions. Therefore, before investing, it is crucial to choose projects carefully and wisely to build an investment strategy. With hundreds of high yield investment programs operating at any given time, it would be quite a task on your own to check each and every one of them out. Indeed, because scammers are plentiful, you would likely burn through quite a lot of cash evaluating them one by one. That is why HYIPexplorer does it for you. We test HYIP performance ourselves, and evaluate programs according to a broad range of criteria, including popularity of sites as measured by traffic. The HYIP industry is very flexible and keeps up with the times, constantly evolving. With the advent of new crypto technologies and new opportunities, HYIPs based on popular blockchains appear, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), and many other popular cryptocurrencies.

HYIP Types

HYIP type classification is based on profitability with a few distinguished main types. Each has unique characteristics and return percentages.