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About Us

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Welcome to the world's fairest HYIP rating website!Our team of experienced investors is happy to offer you a radically new HYIPs solution. Our primary professional goal consists, first and foremost, in searching and passing the winding way to success.We know what it's like to browse tons of rating websites packed with advertisements that obviously bring profit merely to their owners and no-one else. Isn't it tiring to discover, from site to site, the evident agreement between HYIPs listings owners and HYIPs administrators, with the latter giving scum HYIPs high rank and never caring about the investors' money?Despite the above-mentioned sad facts, our team, however, has not been disappointed in the HYIPs sphere. Far from that, we have always been and remain sure that this is the very way for making money!We have come up with the most honest HYIP Rating website developed specially for you! Why choose us? 1) We have no paid advertising whatsoever. All the programs we present have absolutely equal chances. No fees are charged for the highest rate on our web site. 2) We have an independent HYIPs monitoring system that sums the rating of each program in conformity with 4 factors and ascribes a certain rank. - lifetime (days) Investment Program life period, counted since the opening date. - monitoring (days) - Investment Program monitoring period, counted since the date of submitting to our site. - admin rate - Our personal rating of an Investment Program. We study each program most thoroughly taking into consideration its design, safety of the basis script, public opinion available on forums and rate. - user rate - The amount of all votes given to the Investment Program. When voting, visitors leave their e-mail address for the purpose of subsequent voting confirmation; their IP addresses are also determined by our system. This approach provides maximum warranty against unfaithful investment program administrators who might wish to cheat and boost their rating.- funds return (%) - Indicator, which has no connection to a program's rating position. The figure specifies the ratio of the profit gained from a program to the amount invested into it.All of the above proves that our program is a perfect solution for those who would like to get detailed information on Investment Programs and succeed in this complicated deal. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. You will periodically receive news related to our project as well as lots of useful articles directly to your e-mail box. We also highly recommend you should visit unique forum Hyipswatchdog - a forum without a single banner!ADD ProgramList your program at Hyipswatchdog.com for free! All that You need is to pay the minimum deposit in your Program (but 100 USD min) that will be invested into your Program and allow us monitor your activity. We don't accept any special plans, plans for monitoring sites etc. This test amount will be invested in any plan and from any name that we want and to our discretion.Please be informed that for some Programs at our discretion (not serious programs, programs with very high rates, programs on free hosting, etc.) we reserve the rights to invest this test amount by two instalments. The first instalment will be invested immediately, the second one will be invested some time later.Please fill in the form below. We will review your Program and contact you with the further instructions. Your Program will be listed on our site for the life of your Program. After approving You will be listed on class B, after 40-60 days You can get listed on class A. You will be provided with special banner code that You can add to your website.It contains your paying status and all your rating votes. Your Program will be listed within 24-72 hours.Unknown scammers send emails to the program admins on behalf of our team with the request to pay fee for registration at GoldPoll directly to their e-currency account. In this case we recommend to ask our confirmation of the account number before your payments for registration at our list.